Friday, April 3, 2009

New Card

This is a new card that I did this week for a swap and to send to my secret sister. I really like the way it turned out. I used the shaving cream technique on the butterfly, which is an exclusive Stampin Up Sissix die.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated with the shaving cream technique because I want all of the cardstock pieces to look the same after I'm done, but just like all butterflies don't look alike neither do all pieces of shaving cream cardstock. I did about 20 pieces for this project and none of them were even close to being alike. I did figure out this time though that if I don't have all the color on the second piece that I wanted - well, I just fixed a new mound of shaving cream with just the colors I want to add and dip it again. That really worked good and I was pleased with the results.

Hope you enjoy this card. I will probably be using this for a class sometime soon (no I don't have it scheduled yet).


  1. GREAT use of the shaving cream technique! Very pretty!

  2. The shaving cream technique is just perfect for the butterflies, I think knowing each one is different just adds to the character!